6 CBD Gifts to Give this Valentine's Day

The 14th of February is a time of year to celebrate with your loved one, a chance to put on a show and tell them just how much you appreciate and love them. However, sometimes this can be a bit stressful, especially when you put so much pressure on yourself to find the perfect gift. This year how about giving your significant other the gift of calmness and relaxation this February. CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural compound extracted from hemp, this compound is celebrated for its therapeutic benefits. There’s a CBD Valentine’s gift for everyone, and we’ve rounded up our top 6 for you today:

CBD Oil - best gift

1. CBD Oil

Research has found that CBD works in a similar way to anti-anxiety medication. Obviously getting your loved one anti-anxiety meds isn’t the most romantic gesture in the world, but unlike pharmaceuticals, CBD oil is a completely natural supplement that will work without adverse side effects to enhance your state of relaxation - and who doesn’t want to relax and chill out.  Reports have also shown that people use CBD to improve their sex life; when people feel more relaxed and at ease, it’s easier for them to get in the mood.

2. CBD Capsules

To show your loved one that you care about their wellbeing, even when they might seem like they don’t have to, CBD capsules are the perfect gift. CBD capsules make incorporating the therapeutic benefits of CBD into your routine quick and easy - they’re also the perfect travel companion for jetsetters trying to catch up with a new place and a new time zone.

Hemp CBD Capsules - best gift
Raw Hemp Extract - best gift

3. CBD RxPen (Raw Hemp Extract)

Does your other half want to experience the hemp plant in one of its most natural forms? The RxPen delivers CBD goodness in a form which is true to Mother Nature’s creation - perfect for those who enjoy the natural earthy taste of hemp. And as an added bonus, the RxPen comes in a carefully designed device making it easy to share between users, I don’t think you could name a better Valentine’s day activity!

4. CBD Oil Sprays

Spritz your way into relaxation and harmony! Reakiro’s CBD oil sprays make taking CBD fun, easy, and flavourful. Pick from our selection of flavours: apple crumble and custard, blood orange, or peppermint. Or if you’re not sure which one your partner will enjoy most - how about spoiling them and getting a selection of all three.

CBD Oil Spray - best gift
CBD Massage Oil - best gift

5. A CBD Massage

For many, touch is one of the purest and most affectionate love language. Take things up a notch this year by giving your loved one an intimate massage with one of our specially formulated CBD massage oils. CBD receptors are heavily present in the skin, meaning that topical products are extremely effective. Not only will this massage relieve stress from the body, but also work to soothe muscles thanks to anti-inflammatory properties. What better way to show your partner you care than fixing their body?

6. Breakfast in Bed

Start the day right by bringing breakfast in bed to your better half. Head over to Reakiro CBD Kitchen to check out our latest recipes which combine healthy cooking with all natural ingredients and our premium CBD oil.

CBD Kitchen

All of our products are carefully and expertly sourced, from seed to shelf, promising to supply you with only the highest quality. Reakiro CBD extract is full spectrum, keeping all the natural compounds together to work synergistically and enhance the overall beneficial effects. And of course, if you’re spending this Valentine’s day alone, it’s important to show number one some self-love - so go on, treat yourself!


14 February 2020