Skin Perfection Complex

Why do we use CBD for the skin? And why is it in capsule form?
30 Juli, 2021 durch
Skin Perfection Complex
Alla Kolosova

Healthy, beautiful skin is not something that begins from the outside. No, achieving and maintaining healthy skin is produced from within. When we apply creams, serums, balms, and gels to our skin they are effective in many ways, but often this application comes later on, once you’ve realised that your skin is dry, dull, or irritated. Here at Reakiro we wanted to find and formulate the perfect product which enables you to take care of your skin from within. This is why we are ecstatic to announce the launch of our new product Skin Perfection Complex.

Our brand new Skin Perfection Capsules harness the therapeutic benefits of CBD which has multiple properties that can be applied to the rejuvenation and revitalization of the skin. CBD (the abbreviation of cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring compound that is extracted from the hemp plant. Doing this takes a great amount of skill, precision, and care - which the team at Reakiro have spent over half a decade perfecting to produce a premium quality extract. CBD is one of many compounds in the hemp plant, our extract keeps the structure and presence of the other compounds intact in the final extract formulation, producing a more effective extract.

Why do we use CBD for the skin? And why is it in capsule form?

If you are familiar with our other skincare products, you may have noticed that usually they are for topical application. CBD is a crucial skincare ingredient as there are cannabinoid receptors located in both our skin and internally. These receptors, which make up a system known as the endocannabinoid system, interact with cannabinoids and send messages around the body - which have a large effect on a number of our daily processes, in turn greatly affecting how we experience a large number of things.

Capsule-based skincare has also become incredibly popular for its hygienic format. If you think about how many times you dip and re-dip your fingers into jars and pots of skincare creams and serums, mixing other products as well as bacteria into them, well it could be enough to put you off. For the uber germ-conscious crowd, skin capsules offer a quick, convenient and hygienic solution.

Product preservation is another important to consider in the list of benefits for Skin Perfection Capsules. Even once the most efficient pumps have been open, they will be subject to oxidation, or a build-up of old dried product. This can affect both the quality of the product and the experience of using it. As with food products, beauty products should be kept in a cool, dry place. So often when you line up your products in the bathroom, exposing them to large amounts of heat and steam on a daily basis is taking an effect.

When it comes to skincare there are two main areas in which CBD is greatly beneficial as a natural ingredient.

The first benefit is CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation occurs when the skin is irritated, which can come as a result of both internal and external factors, be it an underlying skin condition or a rash caused by an allergy or injury. When the skin is inflamed it can become red, inconsistent, rashy, blemished, irritated, and patchy. This can be both uncomfortable physically and disheartening to see visually. CBD’s properties work to target the source of inflammation and calm it and soothe the skin. For people with skin conditions finding a natural solution for skin irritation in CBD products has been a complete game-changer after years of taking, trying and applying different chemical products.

The second key benefit of CBD skincare in our Skin Perfection Complex is the antioxidant potential. Every day, unfortunately, we come into contact with atoms called free radicals. When these are left unchallenged in the body they can wreak havoc and damage our cells, which can manifest as premature aging of the skin. And while we must accept that in some cases aging is a natural fact that must be accepted with the passing of time, we should absolutely not accept that we will be prematurely aged. Antioxidants find the free radicals in our bodies and neutralize them, so they are unable to cause any further damage. And while free radicals are often the product of unnatural phenomena like fast food and air pollution, their counterpart antioxidants are naturally occurring in natural produce like broccoli, avocado, and CBD. 

Our skin comes up a great deal in our day-to-day lives alone. Everything we touch, harsh weather conditions from sweltering heat to freezing temperatures, and an array of materials and substances. And while it does a great job of protecting us, we need to give it that same love and care in return by nourishing it with the right ingredients. Our skin health and appearance can also be one of the first external indicators of how our internal levels are coping. For example, if you are tired, ill or dehydrated - your skin can often appear washed out, dull, and lifeless. And this is not what you want or deserve. You deserve to glow from the inside out.

Taking one Skin Perfection Capsule a day, alongside a healthy balanced diet and good levels of hydration can help nourish you from within. The team at Reakiro has sourced a wide selection of natural ingredients to build the foundations for healthy, protected, and beautiful skin.

Full Spectrum CBD, B3, C, Calendula, Safflower oil

These CBD skin perfection capsules have been expertly blended and formulated with a range of additional natural ingredients to give the best beautifying result possible sourced entirely from nature. Here are the essentials that Reakiro has chosen and this is what they will do for your skin:

Vitamin B3: prevents water loss and retains the skin’s moisture content. 

Vitamin C: when applied to the skin it can encourage new collagen to grow while helping to maintain the collagen you already have. Collagen is what keeps our skin looking plump, full and youthful and stops it from sagging and looking tired. Vitamin C can also prevent brown spots from which can occur after sun damage.

Calendula: calms sensitive skin, relieves skin redness and soothes the skin after acne breakouts.

Safflower oil: known for improving skin texture and promoting skin cell renewal, thanks to its linoleic acid. Using it daily improves your skin health and tones your skin.

Hemp seed oil: also derived from the hemp plant (CBD oil is extracted from the flower while hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds). Hemp seed oil is full of essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6. These fatty acids offer a variety of benefits including help with cholesterol, depression, and rheumatoid arthritis.

It is hard to emphasize just how important natural skincare is. Often we are faced with an array of cheap products making bold claims, but when you look at the ingredients it is full of chemicals that you do not recognise. Nature has so much to offer which can care for us and heal us naturally, all you have to do is find the right product. It is Reakiro’s mission to bring nature’s very best ingredients into the lives and the homes of people around the world, to help people discover the healing and restorative power of Mother Nature.

We hope you will take this opportunity to elevate your skincare routine and ultimately the quality of your skin. It’s time to look after yourself and your skin from within. It is your time to glow from the inside out with Reakiro’s Skin Perfection Complex.