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Trusted by Athletes around the world.

Formulated by a team of experts and dermatological insight, we assure you that our products have been rigorously researched and will nurture your skin’s health and condition.

Reakiro means recovery, and recovery has many forms - all of which have been encompassed in our skincare. Due to its extensive anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is a natural and effective pain reliever and sore muscle remedy. The sporting world celebrates the innovation of this natural supplement, with athletes utilising it before, during and after a workout or game.

Our sports products contain 0% THC, making them suitable for both amateurs and professionals. 

Revolutionise your workout routine today.

More and more athletes are discovering the natural benefits of the hemp plant and CBD, and golfers are at the forefront of this natural revolution. The team at Reakiro, who are also avid golfers, saw how much this natural product could help and enhance the golfing experience. So after much research and hard work, we are thrilled to introduce our Full Swing Range.

The Full Swing Range contains a variety of products to answer a golfer’s needs every step along the course, as well as pre-game and post-game care. So whether you’re looking for oils or muscle relief gel, we’ve formulated the products to answer your specific golfing needs.