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Smooth & Lift CBD Eye Cream

Smooth & Lift CBD Eye Cream

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Crafted to brighten & smooth the delicate eye area. Featuring Golden Algae & Chaga Extract.

The delicate skin around our eyes serves as a tell-tale canvas, revealing our experiences and ageing process at an accelerated pace compared to the rest of our face. Whether it's the toll of sleepless nights, dietary choices, or the passage of time, our eyes betray it all. Hence, it's crucial to treat the eye area with care, avoiding heavy products that can lead to puffiness and hinder toxin drainage, resulting in dark circles. This is where the importance of selecting a lightweight yet potent eye cream comes into play. 

Smooth & Lift CBD Eye Cream is a game-changer formulated to address the unique needs of the eye area. Infused with a blend of powerful natural actives such as Golden Algae and Chaga Extract, alongside our premium CBD oil, this eye cream is designed to rejuvenate and uplift, leaving your eyes looking refreshed and revitalised.

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