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Reakiro Full Swing CBD products have been developed exclusively for golfers

What’s in every golfer’s golf bag nowadays that they can’t leave out? It’s most likely a CBD product. Specifically, it’s a CBD Golf Pro Formula from the Reakiro Full Swing product line that is made especially for golfers, professional or not. We designed this line specifically focused on supporting and promoting golfers` games and wellbeing. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, Full Swing is designed with everything you need to fuel your body for performance on and off the course.

That’s right. What’s been taboo, especially in the realm of professional sports, has now grown widespread. The Reakiro CBD Golf Range premium products include CBD tinctures, CBD oils, CBD capsules, and CBD gels. Each is perfect for every need of a pro golfer whenever. Full Swing CBD golf-specific products will help you improve muscle tone and endurance, increase stamina, stability, and flexibility, all the while enhancing your overall fitness levels. 

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5 Reasons Golfers Love Reakiro CBD Full Swing

The Reakiro CBD Golf Range Full Swing product line was first introduced early in 2020. And the Reakiro concoction of CBD for golf has long reached a lot of golfers ever since, not just in the UK, but in the whole EU. For golfers and athletes alike, training could get rigorous. So, as much as possible, they’re looking for ways on how to maintain their healthy physiques and high performance through natural supplements. With all-natural Reakiro CBD Products, golfers find them easy to love and stick within their daily routine.

Potential Health Benefits of CBD for Golf Enthusiasts and Pro Athletes Alike

Potential Health Benefits of CBD for Golf Enthusiasts and Pro Athletes Alike

It’s easy to understand the hype with CBD, especially with all the clinical studies and anecdotal evidence that back it. Pure CBD for golf needs has been more preferred among cannabinoids since it’s with anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties[1] and without psychotropic effects. Reakiro CBD Golf Pro Formula products put CBD at the center of the stage, always, at its the most potent out of all ingredients and chemical compounds present in each CBD product. In addition, other cannabinoids and terpenes extracted from the hemp cannabis plant are maintained for you to likely benefit from the entourage effect[2].  It can be summarised into 6 key points what most of you may benefit from if you plan to take any Reakiro Full Swing CBD products.

  • Sleep Improvement

  • Anxiety & Stress Relief

  • Pain & Inflammation Management

  • Improved Focus & Concentration

  • Positive Mood & Mental Strength

  • Muscle tension & Injury Recovery

  • Softens Callused Skin

Easy-to-take, travel-friendly CBD Oil for Golf Professionals

Easy-to-take, travel-friendly CBD Oil for Golf Professionals

We aren’t kidding when we said first-hand that our CBD products are great for golfers. Aside from the likely health benefits of CBD for golf aficionados that rise above all else, the Reakiro CBD Golf Pro Formula products are quite stress-free to incorporate into an athlete’s routine. A golfer’s game day can induce jitters minutes before and even the days before it. This is normal. Good thing, with Reakiro CBD, there’s no fuss when storing and dosing your CBD product. You may find a CBD capsule for golf jitters that may come up the nights before, and there’s a CBD oil for golf professionals that can be easily carried around, so you may take it minutes before your first swing.

CBD Products Made Specially for Golfers

CBD Products Made Specially for Golfers

CBD products are readily available in online CBD shops, but how does a pro golfer wade through the sea of them and find the perfect one for golf needs? Reakiro CBD has made it a priority to make a product line specifically for golfers. An all-natural product line of nutraceuticals that golfers and athletes may use with bliss and contentment. The THC-free broad-spectrum Full Swing CBD products by Reakiro minimize the hassle of failing any random drug test.

  • In addition, the Reakiro CBD brand is a pool partner of the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) of Germany. Axel Hluchy, the Managing Director of Reakiro Europe and a golfer himself, has reassured the golfing industry that Reakiro will continue to create and innovate a high-quality CBD product range for PGA Tour golfers.

Quality Manufacturing and Best Hemp

Quality Manufacturing and Best Hemp, As Always

Reakiro CBD is a leading CBD brand in Europe. We own a top-notch facility that’s GMP-, HACCP-, and GHP- certified. These regulations require a high-quality approach to the manufacturing of CBD products. Reakiro CBD guarantees food safety from the harvest of the best hemp in the EU to your everyday consumption. Every CBD Golf range Full Swing product is without contaminants and unnecessary ingredients. Every ingredient has been validated; every ingredient has a function to help everything in the CBD product be in synergy. Reakiro can assure that from seed to sale, you’re getting the best CBD for golf you could get.

Reakiro Customer Satisfaction is the End Game

Reakiro Customer Satisfaction is the End Game

With thousands of organic positive CBD reviews on all Reakiro CBD products received from new and loyal customers across different channels, it’s safe to say Reakiro is now one of the top trusted CBD brands in the UK and the EU. The CBD products’ following has grown exponentially since Reakiro’s birth. The reason behind this is, Reakiro stays true to its mission and vision; Reakiro aims to be a worldwide leader in making the highest quality of hemp-derived products to meet the customers’ needs and satisfaction.

  • Your Reakiro CBD Pro Golf product comes with unparalleled customer service. Being consistent and transparent with every lab testing result of Reakiro CBD products is part of our commitment. However, the Reakiro service doesn’t stop as soon as your product, infused with CBD for golf, arrives at your doorstep. We make sure you’re getting the most and that you’re satisfied with our product. Besides, your feedback leads us to a better CBD brand in terms of NPD and innovation.

Reakiro has become a pool partner of the PGA of Germany

pga and reakiro full swing cbd

Established in 1927 the PGA (Professional Golfers Association) of Germany, with almost 2,000 members is the biggest PGA in Continental Europe. 1,635 members are teaching professionals. The remaining members are tour players and trainees.

”We are extremely delighted to join the family of pool partners of the PGA of Germany and our entire team is very much looking forward to supporting teaching and playing professionals with our high-quality CBD product range,” said Axel Hluchy, Managing Partner of Reakiro Europe and an enthusiastic golfer himself. “In particular I am very glad that with Tony Lloyd, a member of the Board of the German PGA, an internationally experienced golf professional is now contributing his expertise to our golf activities at Reakiro. This will greatly help to position our brand in German golfing”.

Getting Through a Hectic Day in The Field with Reakiro CBD for Golf Game

A Golfer’s Day with CBD Full Swing

For athletes and golfers, taking care of your health and wellbeing doesn’t start as you enter the golf course and end as you step out of it. It’s 24-hour 30-days-a-week upkeep of physical and mental health, just like in any professional sports or any career goal. The Reakiro formula of CBD for golf is quite all-encompassing, as we want to target every need of a golfer. Whether it be a lingering joint and muscle pain or pre-game anxiety, you’d find something you’d want among the Reakiro CBD products. As of now, you may enjoy nine different CBD Golf Pro Formula products in different forms—whether it be before, during, or after an important golf tournament.

CBD and Sport Before Game Day

Before Game Day: Use that arm’s reach sleep encouragement on your bedside table

 Most athletes experience RBD, in which they get inadequate sleep, and when they get that needed good night’s sleep, dream enactment happens[3].  This may not always be the case for every professional and amateur golfer. But for those who have their good night’s sleep affected by stress or any nervousness before a game day, the Reakiro CBD Golf Pro Formula products may aid. There are also CBD tinctures available that may help in relieving any muscle soreness you got from training.

While on The Field: Reach for the top-secret golf CBD product in the golf bag

A full swing, with the right stance, grip, posture, and focused aim, is what a golfer always needs to prioritize. If something’s off, then the possibility of getting the golf ball in the hole is quite slim. Reakiro can aid you in every perfect swing and a win. With every special concoction of CBD for golf in the Reakiro Full Swing line, it’s any game day-induced stress, jitters, and anxiety may dissolve in a few minutes. As much as possible, you want to hit that sweet spot properly every single time. The Reakiro team suggests the following easy-to-use oil sprays filled with CBD for golf professionals for improved focus and enhanced performance: 

CBD and Sport While on The Field
CBD and Sport After the Golf Match

After the Golf Match: Champions need to recover too

In natural recovery options for any of your inflammation and muscle & joint pains, Reakiro has the best solution. Post-game day or post-workout soreness may be relieved using Reakiro products infused with CBD for golf professionals. Aside from getting CBD and cannabinoid potentials from the CBD Golf Pro Formula Oil, Oil sprays, and capsules, Reakiro planned a quicker solution through the form of CBD topicals. Simply slathering the recommended amount in the area that causes discomfort would give you the needed relief in minutes. Afterward, your celebration as a champion continues.

You deserve a good night's sleep: Take a consistent dose of CBD right before bed every night, relax, and dose off more easily. We recommend Gel Capsules to aid restful sleep.

Enjoy Full Swing Through the Reakiro CBD Golf Pro Formula Products Today

Who knew CBD and golf go well together? Reakiro CBD Golf Pro Formula products from the Full Swing range are specially made for professional and amateur golfers to ensure undivided focus and optimal performance when playing golf. With every aim and stance as you swing on of the club, you’d feel the effects from the Reakiro CBD oil, CBD oil spray, and/or CBD capsule you’ve taken. And right after getting a hole-in-one, it’s the Golf Pro Formula Muscle Relief Gel Warming that will also aid you with any physical pains. With whatever the golfer needs, the THC-free Broad-Spectrum Full Swing Range from Reakiro has the answer! Just make sure to seek a medical professionals’ advice if you’re planning to mix it with other medications.

CBD Oil for golf

You're probably not going to stumble across CBD oil for golf at a PGA tour stop, but that doesn't mean CBD products aren't a great tool for improving your game. CBD products are not banned substance list and not prohibited by the world anti-doping agency.

CBD oil is a natural treatment with many benefits:

  • CBD oil for golf can help reduce stress. CBD products are a natural solution for severe anxiety, and it specifically has been shown to reduce symptoms of PTSD. Stress is probably the number one reason people experience shanks, flubs, and other poor shots. CBD products will help you keep your cool when it matters most.

  • Taking CBD oil for golf game can help you pitch better. Pitch shots require discipline and focus, two things CBD and hemp products help improve!

  • Golfer's CBD oil is also an anti-inflammatory and pain management effect, which means it will reduce the joint pain after a long day on the links.

  • CBD products for golf game can improve your focus and help people get their head in the game. Mint flavoured CBD oil is a great way to clear your mind and be more focused when playing golf.

  • Pure CBD oil will help you play to your potential. CBD products have been shown to be effective for people with ADHD, PTSD, arthritis, and other health problems.

Reakiro Delivers Quality, Consistency and Transparency

No harsh chemicals

  • No harsh chemical compounds

  • No pesticides

Gluten free

  • Gluten free

  • No heavy metals


  • Full-spectrum

  • Made in EU

Premium grade

  • Premium grade

  • EU certified seeds