Reakiro CBD oil products now available at Holland & Barrett

Reakiro is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with international health food giant Holland & Barrett.

This year has boosted our conversations and concerns about health and wellness more than ever, which has led more and more people to discover how incorporating CBD into their daily routines can give that much-needed boost from the inside out. Our premium CBD product range can now be found both in-store and online.

Discover Reakiro CBD range

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Holland & Barrett partner up Reakiro CBD

For 150 years, Holland & Barrett have worked tirelessly to make the best health food products accessible and available to the general public. Their presence and impact in the industry are so big that for many people the words ‘health food’ and ‘supplements’ have become synonyms with the name Holland & Barrett. Starting in a historic market town in England back in 1870, today their stores can be found in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, China, Hong Kong, India, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.

“We’re extremely proud to work with Holland & Barrett, the number one retailer in health and wellness. Holland & Barrett and Reakiro have the same values - to bring the highest quality natural health products to people around the world. We look forward to a long-term relationship,” said Stuart McKenzie, Reakiro CEO.

This summer, Forbes reported that CBD sales had continued to soar during the pandemic in the UK. People have become even more conscious of their health and wellness and wish to discover natural alternatives, especially with the cold winter ahead of us it is vital that we take excellent care of ourselves and our bodies.

The product range includes 14 products, making it a leader in variety for the CBD industry. The products include oils, sprays, raw hemp extract, and gel capsules as well as a specially formulated vegan range.

Reakiro has won multiple awards for quality and customer service and has become a reliable supplier of premium CBD and Hemp Oil Products. The company has recently completed a state of the art manufacturing center which is HACCP and GMP certified. Reakiro is one of the only manufacturers that quality controls its products from seed to sale.

For the past five years, Reakiro has worked, researched, and collaborated with the best in the business to produce the highest quality CBD products in line with our customers’ needs. While many CBD industry giants are based in the US, Reakiro has kept their operations on closer shores. Our hemp is cultivated across Europe, in Spain, Latvia, and Poland - in line with strict EU regulations, and our extraction facilities use the latest technology and innovations with guidance from experts.

Here at Reakiro we are honoured that Holland & Barrett have chosen to showcase our products and recognise the hardworking nature of our company and the efforts we put in to elevate the CBD industry as a whole. Reakiro prides itself on quality and attention to detail. Every step of the process is managed and controlled by the company to meet the highest standards and to produce a consistently effective product. Holland & Barrett have carried out an extensive search to find the best CBD products to be sold in their stores.

Which Reakiro CBD products can I find at Holland & Barrett?

Reakiro CBD Oil Holland and Barrett

Of course, you can’t have a leading CBD product range without producing premium quality CBD oil. Reakiro’s expertly cultivated and extracted CBD oil is available in four different dosages depending on your desired strength.

Reakiro Holland and Barrett CBD Oil Sprays

CBD oil has a naturally hempy and earthy taste, which some people love, but others would rather enjoy their CBD with a sweeter burst of flavour. For all the taste searchers out there, Reakiro developed three new CBD oil sprays. One spray is one serving, and these sprays act as the perfect uplifting boost in a hectic day.

Reakiro Holland and Barrett Raw Hemp RxPen

This is hemp in its purest form. The Hemp RxPen delivers a paste-like substance that resembles hemp in its natural form with minimal processing or intervention. Thanks to the innovative design of the Rx Pen, the extract stays fresh - avoiding the risk of oxidation.

Reakiro Holland and Barrett CBD Capsules

Busy day? Busy life! Reakiro’s Gel Capsules are the optimum way to conveniently incorporate CBD into your daily routine. As each capsule is precisely measured, you don’t have to worry about your dosage, we’ve taken care of the hard work for you. Reakiro Gel Capsules are available in four different dosages, if you’re taking CBD for the first time we suggest starting with the lowest and gradually increasing when you feel it necessary.

Reakiro Holland and Barrett CBD Vegan Capsules with Piperine

All the same benefits of our CBD oil and CBD Gel Capsules, however, these hemp capsules are 100% vegan friendly. This product has the addition of piperine (black pepper extract) which increases the bioavailability and effectiveness of CBD.

If you are venturing into CBD for the first time and trying to find out which product works best for you, feel free to reach out to a member of our team who will be more than happy to talk to you. You can also find information about our products and the latest updates from the CBD world via our blog posts.

Whether online or in person, we hope to see you in-store soon!