Lab Results

Reakiro COA (Certificate of Analysis) - Quality Control and Laboratory Testing

Reakiro`s full and broad-spectrum CBD products are both produced from the highest quality industrial hemp cultivated in the EU and tested by independent third-party laboratories to validate our tests. Going along with our foundational principles of trust and transparency, we believe allowing our customers to access our lab results and analysis certificates is an essential part of product purchasing. Especially when you're buying a product that will be in your system every day, it is crucial to know that it will do as described. In order to put your nerves at rest and allow for top-quality produce, every step of every batch is tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure quality, purity, and safety throughout production. To make sure that there are no compromises with the quality, we test and use our products in specifically controlled environments. The laboratories we use are equipped and maintained to the highest industry standards. Furthermore, they are tested both internally and externally and do not contain genetically modified products, pesticides, or any chemical fertilizers.

CBD Nutrition Vitamins

Certificate of Analysis (COA) 

Our first laboratory report done showcases the exact amount of Cannabinoids in each product.
We test for THCa, THC, CBC, CBG, CBN, CBDa, CBD.
Although we mainly focus on making sure there is a high potency of CBD, which is essential to determine whether it can be labeled a legal, full-spectrum CBD product. The entourage effect truly comes to life when CBD is used alongside other Cannabinoids as it adds to the synergistic quality.  

Microbial Analysis 

Our next mandatory analysis is making sure there are no possible microbial contaminants which could be ingested to assure the safety and purity of the cannabis.  
We test for e.coli, molds, yeasts, and salmonella. 

Heavy Metal Analysis 

Our third essential test analyzes heavy metal content in our CBD oil. Heavy metals are naturally occurring elements scattered throughout Earth's soil, making it inevitable to be exposed to them. However, often, more dangerous metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury can be found in high concentrations in soil. Known as a bioaccumulator, cannabis-derived from these areas will absorb the contaminants, making products created to be used for therapeutic effects detrimental for people who already have present medical concerns. 
Having health and safety as a primary concern we test for the detrimental metals: arsenic, mercury, lead, and cadmium. 

CPSR Report 

Skincare is one of the most widely seen areas of production in the current market. Day by day new products meant to help your skin are added to the market, however, some cause more damage than good. Our primary concern is to provide safe products with the correct amount of CBD listed on the packaging. 
Some products such as our mask creams and masks have full-spectrum CBD which allows for the CBD to activate in the entourage effect and live up to its maximum effectiveness. Other products are specifically designed to target muscle soreness and have 0% THC in them.