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Food nutrients and vitamins are essential for your body. Not only do they aid in building the body's immune system to fight off ailments, fortifying cellular protection, they also support the renewal process.  Opting for CBD Nutrition Vitamins means retaining the CBD benefits for longer through digestion. Reakiro CBD Supplements and Vitamins range is designed with a full-spectrum CBD. It retains all of the cannabinoids and terpenes which enhance the effect.

Metabolism Support Capsules 600mg CBD
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CBD Capsules Immune Support 600 mg 60 pcs
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CBD Capsules Omega 3 600 mg 60 pcs
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Energy Support Capsules 600mg CBD
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Skin Perfection Complex 600 mg CBD 60pcs
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Discover Reakiro`s CBD Supplements and choose which one is best for you

The benefits of taking daily CBD  Oil vitamins are no secret, in the past decade or so people have come to realize that taking supplements is certainly not a fad or a placebo, but making these small lifestyle adjustments and incorporating the right vitamins and nutrients into your day can really make a long-lasting impact on your health and wellbeing.

Vitamins and CBD supplements

It is a very broad term which encapsulates a wide range of different chemicals and ingredients which have different effects on our bodies and wellbeing. When chosing and buying nutritional CBD vitamins it is important that you know what you are looking for in terms of desired effects so that you can buy the perfect product for you, instead of embarking on a lengthy trial and error.

Cannabidiol or CBD is a natural supplement extracted from the hemp plant (medical cannabis Sativa plant). CBD is known and loved for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as its capacity to encourage homeostasis (the body’s natural chemical balance) which has a knock-on effect on a large number of our daily processes including energy levels, mood, and metabolism, chronic pain relief, multiple sclerosis support and etc.

Reakiro have formulated a range of CBD nutrition vitamins and CBD dietary supplements to help people discover the power of this plant in a targetted area. There are five CBD products in this range: CBD Immune Support Capsules, CBD Omega-3 Capsules, Skin Perfection Complex, Energy Capsules and Metabolism Boost Capsules. Here’s a short guide to help customers find their perfect product.

There are 5 products in the Reakiro`s CBD Nutrition Vitamins category:

Metabolism Boost CBD Capsules

Metabolism is incredibly individual, it can differ vastly from person to person solely due to genetics. Sometimes this can leave people with a slower metabolism feeling out of control when it comes to controlling their body and managing their weight. These metabolism boost capsules are not a diet plan or a weight loss supplement, instead, they harness the natural powers of CBD to encourage internal processes and functioning in the body, and ultimately boost metabolism. This is down to a number of factors including the effect CBD has on mitochondria, fat, insulin, and appetite.

Hopefully, you have found the CBD nutritional supplement for you and understand just how it can give your body a helping hand, naturally. If you have any more questions there is plenty of information on our website on the different powers and functionalities of CBD and the great products our team has worked hard to bring out the very best.

Energy Boost CBD Capsules

There’s no denying that modern life is busier than ever, somehow even keeping on top of your diary is a job in itself. Living the way we do requires a lot of energy, and we need to pull that energy from several places - a good night’s sleep, a good diet, and plenty of exercises. Often on top of this, or instead of this, people turn to our friend caffeine. While a cup of coffee can be the boost we need and enjoy in the morning, this should not become a dependency.

Reakiro’s energy boost capsules offer a natural alternative for when you need an energy boost in the day. CBD supplements help to regulate the body’s processes and chemical levels, which in turn can have a great effect on our fatigue and energy levels. These capsules also include biotin, which contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system, vitamin B5 which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, and panax ginseng which has been historically used to increase energy and stamina and boost the immune system.

Energy Boost CBD Capsules
CBD Immune Support Capsules

CBD Immune Support Capsules

Having a healthy immune system is one of the greatest gifts we can ask for in this life. Having a healthy immune system keeps us protected against easily getting ill from the germs we come into contact with on a day to day basis, and it also means that when we do get ill our system can fight to make it only a mild illness and we’re not totally wiped out by the common cold.

Reakiro’s CBD Immune Support Capsules combine the power of CBD with other essential and natural ingredients for the perfect immune boost. This includes turmeric extract - a cure for inflammation and also regulates your immune system, ginger, and echinacea - extracts which are useful in increasing white blood cells that fight germs and infections and a major component of Reakiro’s CBD capsules, hemp seed oil - rich in fatty acids which defend the body against cholesterol, depression, and rheumatoid arthritis.

These immune-boosting capsules have been formulated to help boost vital functions in your immune system and allow it to perform more efficiently. Reakiro Immune Formula capsules are fortified with 40% CBD as well as vitamins A and D. 

CBD Omega 3 Formula Capsules

Omega-3 is an incredibly popular nutritional supplement that many people have been taking as a part of their daily routine stretching back years and years. Omega-3 is so loved due to the fatty acid’s science-backed benefits, these include improving cell health, improving brain health, improving eye health, and lowering the risk of heart disease.

In this blended formulation of CBD and Omega-3, these two incredible natural ingredients do not just work simultaneously, but they actually work together, enhancing each other's natural powers. CBD is effective in the human body thanks to sets of receptors that make up the endocannabinoid system. Omega-3 protects our receptors and enhances healthy and normal functioning and can even help you grow more receptors when you need them.

Reakiro CBD Omega 3 gel capsules with EPA and DHA provide essential fatty acids for the normal function of the heart and maintenance of normal brain function, support healthy cell regulation, helps control cholesterol, and provide anti-inflammatory relief. 

CBD Omega 3 Formula Capsules
CBD Skin Perfection Complex

CBD Skin Perfection Complex - beauty capsules with CBD

Even though the skin is an external organ, did you know that you can care for it from the inside? That’s right, skincare does not need to be exclusive to creams, balms, and serums applied onto our skin, often in hope of repairing the damage. Taking action from within can tackle the problem at the root, protecting and perfecting your skin.

Skin Perfection Complex capsules contain CBD for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as antioxidant properties, fighting free radicals and keeping the skin looking youthful. Vitamin B3, also known as keratin, prevents water loss and retains the skin’s moisture content. Vitamin C, encourages the natural production of collagen, keeping our skin looking plump, full, and youthful and stopping it from sagging and looking tired.

It is time to take your skincare to the next level. Find your glow and unlock your skin’s potential with Reakiro Skin Perfection Complex.