Sool Broad-spectrum CBD Product Range

SOOL was conceived to capture nature’s power through CBD, harnessing the therapeutic benefits into our products. You welcome a lighter life, a brighter life when you use SOOL products in your daily life.
It’s time to reconnect, naturally.

Broad-spectrum CBD oil is filled with all the natural compounds of the hemp plant such as cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that cause therapeutic benefits without THC. In this way, broad-spectrum CBD is the most inclusive strain of CBD oil, allowing people who do not want to consume THC to still reap the benefits of CBD.

CBD Oil 3000mg

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 3000mg - 30ml

Derived from the finest hemp, SOOL CBD Oil high strength can help you find what your body needs and address any issues you may have at the source of the problem.

CBD Oil 1500mg

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 1500mg - 10ml

Breathe in, breathe out, regenerate with CBD. Start your day with a few drops and let the infinite powers of nature take their course, instilling you for the day ahead.

CBD Oil 1000mg

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg - 10ml

You never know what kind of obstacles are going to be thrown your way throughout the day. But you can be prepared if you factor CBD oil into your routine.

CBD Oil 500mg

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 500mg - 10ml

This is our lowest potency CBD oil but it still remains premium quality. Taking the finest extract from the hemp plant, this CBD oil 500mg is what carries you through the day.

CBD Gummies 750mg

Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies 750mg - 30 pcs

CBD gummies provide an experience for the whole body, starting on your tongue where you get to taste the flavours of nature’s orchards and then the CBD is released into your body.

CBD Gummies 300mg

Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies 300mg - 30 pcs

Chewy in flavour, sweet in taste, and bursting with the powers of Mother Nature - SOOL CBD gummies might just be the best way to reconnect with yourself and with nature.

CBD Capsules 1500mg

Broad Spectrum CBD Gel Capsules 1500mg - 30 pcs

Factoring a SOOL CBD capsule into your daily routine will allow you to restore and reconnect with your body in a way you didn’t even know existed.

CBD Capsules 750mg

Broad Spectrum CBD Gel Capsules, 750mg - 30 pcs

CBD capsules are premeasured. You can take them anywhere, meaning you will never miss your opportunity to let your body benefit from the power of nature.

CBD Capsules 450mg

Broad Spectrum CBD Gel Capsules, 450mg - 30 pcs

SOOL has taken one of the finest ingredients that nature has to offer and placed it in this compact capsule. Take some time in your day to connect with yourself...

CBD Spray

Broad Spectrum CBD Spray Apple 1000mg - 30ml

You know what they say about an apple a day. But wait until you try apple in each spray. Using a CBD oil spray is simple, enjoyable and immersive.

Sool is part of the Reakiro family

It’s time to reconnect, naturally.

Nature’s possibilities are infinite. Knowing how you can get the most out of it can be hard.

SOOL takes the highest quality and sustainably grown hemp plants and converts it into specially crafted products that answer both mental and physical therapeutic needs.

The image on the packaging of SOOL products, taken under an Olympus BH2 microscope, is a microscopic photograph of a CBD molecule. The colours you see have not been digitally enhanced, but rather this is how the crystalised structures of CBD naturally present under the lens.

Why Sool?

Reakiro is an award winning, premium quality CBD manufacturer. Sool is the first broad spectrum, THC free range from the Reakiro experts, developed to ensure that we meet the widest range of ever changing consumer needs. This enables us to develop NPD and innovative products that both deliver for consumer needs and are fully compliant with the evolving regulatory changes in the U.K and Europe.

Sool range is THC free and is fully compliant with all current and known future regulatory requirements.

All the products are manufactured in our own HACCP, GMP, GHP facility. Reakiro is member of EIHA, Sedex and ClearCheck.

Reakiro works with independent, qualified specialist cannabinoid testing laboratories on biomass and spot testing of our products.

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