Myths about Anxiety

12 May, 2020 by
Myths about Anxiety
Alla Kolosova

According to Mind

A leading mental health charity in the UK - in England, 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem (such as anxiety and depression) in any given week.(1) Anxiety disorders are not rare, yet there are still numerous misconceptions and misgivings which surround the condition. To help manage anxiety ourselves and others, it is important that we understand more about what is and what isn’t true

Common myths surrounding anxiety


Anxiety disorder is not a real illness.

Sometimes it may be “all in your head”, but mental illnesses need to be taken as seriously as physical symptoms.

Generalised anxiety disorder can have physical effects on your body, including such anxiety symptoms: raised blood pressure, chest tightness,  a racing heartbeat and panic attack.

Anxiety disorders can greatly affect how people are able to live their lives.


Anxiety disorders will go away on their own.

Anxiety is like waves, it comes and goes, and some waves are stronger than others.

Sometimes we know why, and other times we couldn’t say.

But it would be impossible to say that one day the panic attacks would completely stop, forever.


It’s obvious when someone has an anxiety disorder.

People learn to live with social anxiety disorder, which sometimes means they have learned to hide it on the surface, but this does not mean that they are not suffering.

Many people will get anxious about having their symptoms recognised, so they will work extra hard to hide them.


Medication is the only answer for anxiety and depression association.

Prescription anxiety medication can be helpful for some people, and in some cases it is the answer, but this is by no means the only solution.

Alternative treatments include: exercise, behavioural therapy, meditation, mindfulness exercises.

There is no quick fix for mental health disorder, it’s about trying different techniques and methods to try and manage the way that you’re feeling. CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural plant extract which has been found to work in a similar way to anti-anxiety medication, regulating the supply and flow of serotonin.[2]

Cannabidiol also has many natural therapeutic properties which have aided people in managing their mental illness and anxiety. Promoting better sleep quality is a key benefit as anxiety can massively hinder your ability to get to sleep at night and staying asleep.