CBD Gummies & Effects

CBD Gummies & Effects

CBD Gummies have become one the best, most popular, and convenient way of taking CBD at any point in your day.

They are easy to carry in their own resealable bottle, so you need not worry about them staying fresh or leaking. Additionally, their size and form make them incredibly discreet to take. So if you’re out and about, in the gym or in the office, you will not draw any attention to yourself.

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People take CBD gummies for all sorts of reasons.

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Sometimes it is simply an enjoyable and convenient way to incorporate the supplement into your daily routine to boost natural functioning and immunity. There are also more specific, but still very common, reasons that people use CBD gummies. For example, helping to tackle insomnia by restoring the chemical balance in the body, quelling anxiety, and drawing on the strong natural anti-inflammatory properties in CBD as a natural alternative for pain relief.


Pain relief is one of the big hitters for CBD gummy consumers. Cannabidiol has strong natural anti-inflammatory properties, and inflammation is more often than not our bodies response to pain. You may be familiar with this if you’ve ever injured yourself and seen a certain area of your body becoming red and swollen, this is inflammation. CBD targets the point of inflammation and soothes it. People who have pain, ranging from joint pain relating to certain conditions like arthritis to muscle pain from an intense workout are incorporating CBD into their lifestyles.

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Many people are also looking for the best CBD gummies for anxiety. Anecdotally and through studies, CBD has been widely connected to the relief of stress and lowering of anxiety levels. People find that it helps them relax and feel calmer, especially when faced with a stressful situation. This may be because CBD helps restore homeostasis, which is the natural balance of chemicals in the body. But there is also data that shows that naturally sourced CBD can act in similar ways in the body to anti-depressants, which help regulate the levels of serotonin.

The benefits of CBD gummies reach far and wide. As you have just learned (or possibly you already knew!) CBD have numerous amounts of mental and physical wellness benefits, and they also have the potential to just boost your body's natural functioning. Doesn’t everyone want to be the optimum version of themselves? But in addition to all this, CBD gummies are fun, easy, convenient, and in the case of these great Reakiro gummies - incredibly tasty! How could you say no to getting all the benefits of CBD in a tasty gummy capsule which is full of fruity flavour?

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Perhaps you are wondering how many CBD gummies you should be taking, which is an entirely valid question and we’re so happy you asked. Although CBD gummies might look and taste like sweets, it is very important that you don’t eat a container of them like you would consume a bag of sweets. Studies show that you cannot technically overdose on CBD, however, taking more than your recommended amount/ beyond your tolerance may make you feel tired and drowsy.


Choosing the best CBD gummies

We've rounded up what you should consider when buying the best CBD gummies

There are certain criteria that you should follow, boxes that you should tick, in your search for the best CBD gummies:

  • European grown hemp, the European Union has strict rules and regulations when it comes to growing hemp and knowing that the hemp used in your CBD products has been cultivated in line with this is a mark of quality. Additionally, a company should always be transparent about where they source their hemp.
  • Independent third-party laboratory testing, this certification is a true mark of quality. Laboratory testing, which should be clearly displayed on the company website will show the purity of the CBD extract used in each product and also reveal if there are any other substances - such as pesticides - present.
  • Customer reviews, these are the most candid and authentic accounts of how you will experience the product (and also things like customer service and delivery). Fellow customers writing reviews have the sole motivation of sharing with the wider community whether or not this is a good company and a good product. If you’re purchasing a new product that doesn’t have many reviews just yet, you can gauge it from other product reviews. And remember to leave one yourself!

CBD Gummies FAQs

Do CBD gummies get you high?

CBD gummies do not get you high. A reason that you may previously have thought this to be the case is if you have got confused with weed gummies. Although CBD is also extracted from the cannabis plant, it does not have the same mind-altering effects as marijuana. CBD is one of over a hundred different cannabinoids found naturally in the cannabis plant family. These cannabinoids have different properties, but thus far the most well researched are CBD and THC. CBD, as you will probably have learned, has calming and therapeutic properties. Meanwhile, THC carries psychoactive properties. CBD products will often have an almost untraceable amount of THC in them, and in most European countries, it is a legal requirement that the THC content levels must be lower than 0.2%.

Are CBD gummies legal?

In all places (which can vary between country or even state) where CBD is legal, then CBD gummies are also legal. It’s important to check with the regulations and legislations in your residence country before buying CBD products online as if they are not permitted then this could be an issue to get the successfully delivered. As mentioned above, in many countries CBD is legal on the condition that CBD products contain less than 0.2% THC content - which many companies will clarify on their labeling and product descriptions.

Are CBD gummies for kids?

Although CBD gummies look incredibly similar to chewy sweets and candy, and they taste sweet and fruity, they are not intended to be taken by children. CBD gummies should not be consumed in the same way as sweets, they are not a snack. Please keep them out of reach of children. If you think that CBD could help your child due to a medical condition, please have this discussion in-depth with your doctor and do not act before doing so.

How many CBD gummies should I eat?

As mentioned previously, although they may look and taste a bit like sweets, CBD gummies should not be consumed in the same manner as a bag of sweets. Of course, the optimal amount of CBD differs for everyone. If you know how much CBD you usually take, you can convert your dosage parallel to the 10mg or 25mg gummies. If this is your first time taking CBD, we would suggest starting with one, maximum two, 10mg CBD gummies daily and monitoring how this affects you. You may increase incrementally and keep note of how you experience the different dosages. There is no known phenomenon of ‘overdosing’ on CBD - rather, if you take more than you should it may make you feel somewhat tired and drowsy.

Why buy CBD gummies?

Where do we begin! Obviously, the main reason you should buy CBD gummies is for their incredible therapeutic benefits. CBD has been rigorously researched over the past decade, and it has been found to have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This makes it a great natural alternative for calming pain in the body. People also take CBD for restorative properties, to help them feel calm and to relax. CBD gummies harness all of these incredible properties and place them into one flavour-filled, fruity chewy gummy. They’re great to take on the go because you can just pop them in your mouth at any moment, you don’t even need a swig of water! Additionally, some people aren’t a fan of the hempy taste of CBD, so instead of you having to consume your CBD quickly and cover its taste, the CBD gummy allows you to enjoy the process slowly and in a relaxed enjoyable way.

Are CBD gummies better than oil?

When it comes to CBD products, there is no definitive hierarchy. It’s impossible to say that one product is necessarily better than another, but rather they have different benefits which appeal to people in different ways. At the core, CBD oil and CBD gummies contain the same therapeutic benefits of hemp-derived CBD. The cannabinoid will interact with the body in the same manner - through the endocannabinoid system - and you will receive the same therapeutic mental and physical benefits. What differs is the process of taking the CBD, the experience. And this comes down to the question of how do you want to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle? If you’re looking for a product that lets you immerse yourself in the earthy, hempy taste of CBD or perhaps something that you can incorporate into drinks and meals then CBD oil would be a better choice. However, if you’re looking to enjoy the benefits of CBD in a convenient, fun, and fruity way then CBD gummies are a better choice for you. Remember, everyone is different and has different tastes. So think about what would be best for you!

We hope that our quick Q&A on CBD gummies has answered any questions you might have had. We understand that when entering the world of CBD, or when trying a new CBD product you may have some queries that you would like to be answered by an expert. Feel free at any moment to reach out to a friendly member of our dedicated team if you have any questions.



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