How do I Find the Right CBD Dosage

How do I Find the Right CBD Dosage?

How do I Find the Right CBD Dosage?

When trying something for the first time it can be difficult to know if you’re doing it right, and the same applies for taking CBD. It’s important to find the optimum.

The dosage of CBD in a product is measured via the mg of CBD extract. Different products will range in strength and potency to cater for different people’s needs, so make sure you’re reading the label carefully! In general, labels may state the overall amount of CBD in the product - be it a bottle of oil or a packet of gummies. You will then need to find out, for you, how much is in one serving.

In individual serving-sized products such as gummies, pills, or capsules, the amount of CBD will be precisely measured out by the manufacturer. The dosage of CBD in these products is usually around 15mg as this is the suggested starting point for new CBD users. But every brand is different, so double check. Having the amount of CBD pre-measured can make things much easier and more convenient.

However, for CBD oils the measurements are somewhat less precise which has its advantages and disadvantages. When you’re starting out, having your serving size decided for you is a great convenience that comes with capsules and edibles. Meanwhile, CBD oil comes with an overall amount in the bottle and an estimated amount in each drop (or recommended amount of drops). This is something that you will learn to master, but starting out it can be daunting. However, when you wish to up your dosage, CBD oil is the perfect product as you can add one drop at a time, whereas changing your dosage with capsules would be a significant jump.

The optimal dosage for you depends on a number of factors, much like appetite can greatly vary from person to person. The things to take into consideration are your weight, your body chemistry (e.g. metabolism), the severity of the condition you’re treating, alongside the potency of your chosen CBD product. Start with the recommended dosage (10mg) and work up slowly. It’s advisable to keep a record of how much you’re taking and when, as well as the effects you feel, so you can track your ultimate dosage.

Additionally, you can explore our comprehensive guide on drugs and CBD to deepen your understanding of potential interactions and considerations.

If you accidentally take too much CBD on a one off occasion there will not be any severe side effects. CBD has no psychoactive element and you will probably feel drowsy and fatigued more than anything else. In terms of taking continuous high dosages (1500mg) of CBD, there have been conflicting results. Studies had found that humans tolerated this well, even on a daily basis, however in 2019 concern was raised over a study involving rats found there was concern for liver damage connected with overuse of CBD.[1]

Before taking CBD speak to your doctor about any medical concerns, particularly if you are already taking medication as this may impact the effects. All products from trusted manufacturers should present the dosage of CBD on the label, along with the recommended serving size for that product.

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