I Tried CBD and It didn't Work

I Tried CBD and It didn't Work

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I Tried CBD and It didn't Work

Praise for CBD could not be louder nowadays. And after hearing about the wide-reaching benefits the plant-based extract could bring to your body and mind, you couldn’t wait to try it out for yourself.
But what if, after all the hype and suspense you feel … well, nothing?
Of course, if you’ve listened to an advert that claims a few drops of oil are going to magically transform your life like a Cinderella spell, then you need to take these claims with a pinch of salt.
However, there are a few reasons that you may feel like CBD has no effect on you.


Just like portion sizes, the optimal dosage of CBD varies from person to person, and finding your optimal dosage can take a little bit of time and patience.

Start with the recommended dosage for the product you’re using, and then slowly and incrementally increase the serving while keeping track of the effects.

Another factor to consider is the quality and strength of the oil, some companies will try and cut corners by using less CBD extract than their packaging claims. To avoid being caught out here, choose a reputable company with sound reviews.


CBD doesn’t just come in one shape or size, rather an array of differing forms. Some products are more compatible with certain ailments (for example CBD muscle relief gel for sore muscles and CBD immune capsules for boosting a healthy immune system), while some people just have a certain inclination towards a particular form (for example CBD oil vs CBD vape).


Patience is a virtue, in life, and in CBD. While some people may feel the effects and benefits of CBD almost instantaneously, for others it will take a few hours to kick into the system, or even a couple of weeks to build up an amount in your system to take effect.


The quality of a CBD product can be a real deal-breaker. Unfortunately, due to the fast-moving and largely unregulated nature of the CBD market, there are quite a few companies out there that are selling low-quality products with low-quality CBD extract. If bad hemp is used, or if the extraction process is not carefully finessed, or if production is not meticulous - the final product will not be up to scratch, which is why you may not feel the desired effects.

One way of identifying the quality of the CBD used in your product is via third-party lab testing results. Established companies will obtain independent lab results that signpost the dosage and purity of their extract while testing for any potential contaminants such as pesticides. These certificates of analysis will be available via their website.


Once again, it’s important to do your research prior to buying a CBD product. Consider why you want to take CBD and which product is right for you. When you choose a company, check their customer reviews, and don’t be shy to reach out to their customer service team if you have any questions. And finally, be patient with your dosage and listen to your body.

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