Who's using CBD Products

Who's using CBD Products

Who's using CBD Products

One of the reasons that CBD is so widely used is the diversity of its community.

There is no one specific group of people who will benefit from the natural properties of cannabidiol, but rather its capabilities are beneficial at every age. We have heard that in some households this can lead to squabbles about who’s CBD belongs to whom. But while everyone is using CBD, not everyone is using it for the same purpose. Let’s look into what young people are using CBD for.

One of the most common reasons for millennials to be taking CBD is for anxiety and mental wellness. Mental health has become an incredibly important and prominent topic of public conversation in the past decade, and this is the generation who are trying to address ways of being mentally well. And while millennials want to manage their mental health, many are wary of approaching a doctor and being prescribed medication immediately.

Given that they often intersect, physical wellness is just as important as mental wellness for millennials and now gen Z. The work-out industry is dominated by the trends and demands of 18-34 years olds, and also heavily influenced by the rise of CBD. Whether it is incorporation into a pre-workout plan or a post-workout recovery, it’s clear that the intersection of these two industries is going to grow and grow in the years to come. In a study carried out by Forbes (1), 40% of millennial/ gen Z respondents said they were interested in trying CBD as part of their workout, while 20% already had.

But young people’s hold on the CBD industry reaches beyond their age group. In a study, also carried out by Forbes (2), they found that parents are more likely to be CBD users than non-parents. This could be due to a couple of reasons - the first being that parents are having introductions and open conversations with their (more grown-up) children about what CBD is and how it could benefit them. The second is the market for CBD and younger and newer parents who need to distress and catch their breath, naturally.

So if you’re a household with multiple CBD products around, make sure you know who is who’s to avoid any future arguments. And if you’re not, maybe it’s time to have a conversation about who uses CBD and introduce its benefits to another family member, young or older!


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