Women's Health, CBD and Periods

Women's Health, CBD and Periods

Women's Health, CBD and Periods

To begin our ongoing series on CBD and women’s health we are very happy to bring you this blog post about how CBD is being used to alleviate the sometimes gruelling effects of periods.

Today more and more women are coming forward with personal accounts and success stories about how CBD helped them through period pains. So what is it about this natural remedy which gives it an advantage over the painkillers we usually turn to?

Once a month Aunt Flow comes to visit. This is never really a pleasant experience. Your body is preparing itself for pregnancy, and when it finds out that a baby is not on the cards this month it wreaks havoc - to put it lightly. And whilst the walls of your ovaries are caving in you’re expected to carry on as usual.

Period pains are somewhat more than a nuisance when it comes to managing your day to day life, and whilst over the counter solutions like ibuprofen can help, there are drawbacks. Drugs like ibuprofen have the potential to decrease all the aggravators of period pains, but can also have unpleasant gastrointestinal side effects, and those with digestive issues may wish to avoid them. CBD is an all-natural anti-inflammatory which will target the aggravating prostaglandins and reduce the pain.

The advocacy from women surrounding CBD and periods has been so strong that a London start-up is in the midst of producing a CBD tampon. So next time you’ve got the painters in, how about trying this natural remedy. Let Mother Nature fight Mother Nature.

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