18 Holes with CBD Capsules

28 July, 2020 by
18 Holes with CBD Capsules
Alla Kolosova

CBD Capsules and golf

We took some CBD Capsules and played golf. We wanted to see what the fuss was about. We make CBD, and we’re well aware that PGA Tour golfers are using it, endorsing it and even investing in CBD brands.  But we’ve never actually played golf with CBD. Well, most of us hadn’t, the Botanist had. He’s a regular golfer who takes two capsules before every round. Filling out the foursome was the Executive, the Salesman and the Copywriter.

We took two CBD capsules apiece about an hour before our tee time. We finished our coffee and started warming up. I’m not gonna lie, I was nervous. I hadn’t played in a while and I didn’t want to look like a spaz in front of my coworkers. I tend to overthink.  I was on the range when I began to relax. I didn’t notice it at first, but after about a half hour I started feeling calm. I was swinging free and the usual chatter in my head was absent.

The Executive travels a lot. He loves golf but doesn’t have much time to play. He has some back pain. Surprisingly, his practice swings were loose and he poked his first drive out there pretty good.

“This is great!” he said. “How did we ever play without this stuff?”  He held the club high over his head and stretched for emphasis.  

Next up was the Botanist. He knows the science. He knows the turf. He’s the low handicap ringer in the group.  Pretty sure he does yoga. He tees off with an iron and hits it up near the Exec.

Next up, the Copywriter. No pressure. A nerdy scientist just crushed a two iron right down the middle and now everyone’s watching. Historically, this is where I collapse.  First tee jitters. Desperate to avoid embarrassment, I end up taking a self conscious swing and hit a terrible shot anyway. But not this Saturday in May. That voice in my head that sabotages me in big moments was strangely silent.  I felt calm, loose, almost confident.  My swing still sucks, so I didn’t hit very far, but I made a good turn and it went pretty straight, which I’ll take any day off the first tee.

Next up was the Salesman - a golf newbie. He got some lessons last year but didn’t really get into it because he’s got an arthritic right hip. He said it just hurt too much to swing. He’s one of those old rugby guys who is perpetually in pain.  He looked okay enough on the range but he sliced his drive into the rough and off we went.

“I get a sharp pain in my hip after impact.” He said. “On the follow through.  I can’t get through the ball.”

“You gonna make it 18 holes?” I asked. 

“So far so good.” he said. “It still hurts, but it’s not nearly as bad.”

He took another CBD capsule after nine holes and finished eighteen in good spirits.  The botanist shot a 75 and looked like he was out for a stroll.  The Executive spent the day showing off his impressive drives and wishing CBD had been around when he was young.

I made a lot of putts I usually don’t make. Usually, when I have a 6 footer for par, I overthink it, freeze over the ball and jab it past the hole.  Anxiety has always been my issue on the golf course. That and slow play. Put the two of them together and my round always goes down the drain. But on this Saturday afternoon in May, out on the links, practicing social distancing, with CBD capsules UK, I played stress free golf. It’s like a completely different game.

Sitting on the veranda, sipping our drinks and watching the last flights of the day putt-out, we all agreed that golf and CBD go together like peas and carrots. Two capsules before warm ups and maybe another at the turn depending on how you feel. We all had good takeaways.  We can’t wait to do it again.

If you are into golf and would like to see how CBD may be beneficial for you, check out the range of CBD capsules and other CBD products. We’d love to hear back about your experiences.