A Short Guide to Finding the Best CBD Vape Oil

9 September, 2019 by
A Short Guide to Finding the Best CBD Vape Oil
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The best CBD Vape Oil

For many CBD users, vaping is the chosen form of ingestion. This can be for a whole host of reasons, but perhaps the most prominent advantage of vaping over other means is the immediacy of the effects. Vaporization allows the CBD to enter the system almost immediately, so for those suffering from sudden onset afflictions, which could appear without any warning, to have this solution on hand can be a great saviour. This can cover conditions such as anxiety and sudden onset stress. 

Both the CBD industry and the vape industry are currently growing rapidly, meaning that more and more businesses and products are appearing from both markets, but this also leaves space for problems in the unexplored and unknown areas. When buying CBD vape oil you want to ensure you are only getting the best quality CBD and that it will also vaporise well. We’ve compiled a short guide to help you know what to look out for next time you buy CBD vape oil.

A quick and easy initial test can be done by simply looking at your vape oil. A high quality CBD vape oil will be crystal clear with a smooth appearance. Lower quality products may be thick and murky, generally if it looks a bit dirty, you don’t want to be putting it into your body. A general rule for many things in life. Additionally, you should check to see if the liquids in the bottle appear to be separating into different layers. CBD does not mix well with the majority of the standard e-liquids currently used, this will not be an issue when it comes to quality, however this will affect the concentration and dosage of CBD. The packaging will tell you the exact amount of CBD in the product, but as the elements separate you cannot guarantee that you will be getting a consistent dosage every time.

If your CBD vape oil passes these initial checks on appearance, your quest for quality does not end there. As mentioned, the grey area in these still-evolving markets leaves room for error and questioning. Low grade operations see this as an opportunity for exploitation and a chance to make quick money from a booming market, before regulations are put in place. You want to be certain that not only you get what you’re paying for in terms of the amount of CBD in the product, but also that nothing unwanted has been added to the vape oil. To verify the validity of your CBD vape oil please head to the company’s website where you should be able to easily find a CoA (certificate of analysis) for each product. This certificate will document the exact composition of the product so you will be able to double check the CBD content and also if anything unwanted has been added in its place. To get this kind of documentation from a third party laboratory can cost up to four figures, so unreliable exploitative operations will not be willing to invest. If you cannot find a CoA don’t hesitate to get in touch with the company.

Finally, you want to take your questioning of ‘is this the best CBD vape oil’ right back to the beginning of the process. Back to the seed. You deserve a company that gives full traceability, from the seed in the ground to the final product on the shelf. This way you know that the hemp used has been grown responsibly and grown in an environment which follows regulations.

Hopefully this guide will help you out next time you are thinking of buying CBD vape oil. Remember you can never be too thorough with your research because your body deserves the absolute best, just the way Mother Nature intended.