Hemp Hand Sanitiser Spray

17 April, 2020 by
Hemp Hand Sanitiser Spray
Alla Kolosova

Never before has so much emphasis been put on the importance of washing your hands. Obviously we all should have been washing our hands regularly with soap or hand sanitising before this global pandemic, but for many this has been a wake up call with added urgency to stop the virus spreading.

We’re washing or sanitising our hands constantly now, supermarkets across the world have declared shortages in soap and hand sanitiser spray, limiting to customers only buying two of each product in some cases.

You may have realised that over the past few weeks, after singing for 20 seconds during every hand wash and hand sanitising after touching anything in public, that your skin is paying the price. This can begin with a slight dryness which can progress into cracked knuckles and peeling skin.

The number one priority is keeping your hands clean at all times to prevent the spread of germs and virus’, but should your skin really have to pay the price and could this affect you?

When our top layer of skin, sometimes known as the skin barrier or the lipid layer, becomes dry and cracked it can become an open wound. This means that the body is more open and susceptible to infection. To protect yourself and others you need to ensure you are killing germs effectively while delivering essential moisture to your skin.

Reakiro is delighted to be able to share the new hemp oil infused hand sanitiser spray.

Hand Sanitiser Spray has been formulated to kill 99.9% of germs thanks to its 75% alcohol base.

Meanwhile, your skin will be nourished, hydrated, and protected with hemp oil’s natural properties.

Hemp oil is rich in essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which encourage skin growth and cell regeneration to support your protective skin barrier. The natural hemp oil also acts as an anti-inflammatory which is vital for restoring red and sore aggravated hands.

Be among the first to join this hand hygiene revolution, whether you’re handling things around the house or you’re out grabbing essentials. Reakiro Hemp Hand Sanitiser Spray is here to support you and your skin’s health throughout these crucial times!