How to protect your hands in times of constant washing?

18 March, 2020 by
How to protect your hands in times of constant washing?
Alla Kolosova
Protect your hands

As we’ve been told over the past couple of months, frequent hand washing is the number one way to easily prevent ourselves from contracting or spreading coronavirus. And sure enough, people’s hand washing habits have risen and improved in recent weeks, in aim to curb the virus.

But you may have noticed that this constant washing and sanitizing of your hands can take an effect, and the condition of your skin very may well be paying the price. Of course, dry skin is a minor price to pay in a time like this, but it also should not be ignored.

Your skin’s condition and health plays a role in the body’s overall health and immunity. The skin barrier, also known as the lipid layer, is responsible for preserving a state of moisture. When this cannot be fulfilled the skin breaks down, dries up, becomes course and itchy, and may start to crack.

Having a weak skin barrier means that the body could be more susceptible to infection.

To keep your skin happy and healthy, as well as maintaining a responsible hand washing habit, dermatologists advise thorough moisturisation throughout the course of the day.

Try and stick to a moisturising product made with naturally soothing ingredients, to help recover from the harsh chemicals and alcohol in soaps and sanitisers.

Goddess Sativa products are made with natural ingredients and infused with deeply nourishing CBD (cannabidiol) extract, infusing your skin with moisture. CBD has strong anti-inflammatory properties which will help combat the redness which arrives as a consequence of cracked dry skin. We have also added vitamin E for additional long-lasting hydration.

To care for and protect your hands we would recommend our Goddess Sativa body butters.

Keep washing those hands and acting responsibly. But don’t forget, a little self care goes a long way, so be sure to look after your skin during this period!