The Best CBD Products for Spring Restoration

17 February, 2021 by
The Best CBD Products for Spring Restoration
Alla Kolosova

We’ve rounded up the best CBD products to help you restore back to your bright and bountiful self this spring.

Spring - the time of rebirth, the perfect time to restart and restore. We tend to make resolutions to start again in January, this can be a little tricky to stick to in the cold winter months when all we want to do is hunker down. January and February can very much feel like a continuation of the cold winter months, however, when we reach spring this is the time to shake of the cold, restore, and restart.

Seeing spring this year will be even more uplifting than previous years, the flowers blooming, birds chirping - seeing this blooming of new life will be truly restorative after a dark and slow year. But it’s not just nature which is taking action to restore and re-bloom, you deserve to give yourself the same amount of care and attention to help your body shake off the cold and begin again.

Spring is the start of a new year, the start of new life, dictated by nature, so what better way to prepare for this new beginning, a fresh start if you will, than with a little helping hand from one of Mother Nature’s finest ingredients - CBD. Derived from the flowers of the hemp plant, CBD (cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring compound which interacts with our bodies in a multitude of ways - from restoring healthy and hydrated skin to helping boost immunity.

We’ve rounded up the top CBD products to help you restore and restart this spring. Think of yourself as an animal waking up after months of hibernation, you’re going to need to prepare yourself before heading out into the world.

Immune Support Capsules

Although the winter months are coming to an end, this doesn’t mean that we aren’t still vulnerable to infection - unfortunately. In order to keep ourselves strong and healthy, from the inside out, we can give our immunity a little boost.

We really on our immune system to fight for us day to day when we come into contact with any kinds of germs or infection. The immune fights off these threats through a system of cells, organs, and tissues. Without a healthy and functioning immune system, we can leave ourselves vulnerable to infection and disease.

For most people, having a strong, healthy, and resistant immune system comes as a result of living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your body. This means getting all the right nutrients, and in particular, being well-rested.

When we’re tired and run down, our immune system is also tired and rundown, meaning that if it is suddenly called upon to fight away an infection it doesn’t stand a great chance of winning. This leaves you vulnerable to illness and infection. In order to ensure that your immune system isn’t weak and susceptible, getting a rested night’s sleep every night is imperative. And this is just one of the ways that CBD Immune Support Capsules can help you out.

If you’ve been struggling to sleep at night recently (or over the past year) you are not alone. Having our routine drastically upheaved, being in our homes nearly all of the time, and having to deal with the constant stress and anxiety of the ever-evolving pandemic can make it a little harder to get some high-quality shut-eye when we lay down at night.

CBD Immune Support Capsules

CBD works with receptors in the body (the endocannabinoid system) to help restore the body’s natural chemical balance. When we have the right balance of hormones we are in a more rested (less stressed or agitated) state. This will help us drift off to sleep feeling calmer and stay asleep.

Reakiro’s Immune Support capsule range also includes capsules with Omega 3, providing essential fatty acids for the normal function of the heart and maintenance of normal brain function.

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CBD Immune Support Capsules



Reakiro’s premium quality CBD oil is the perfect way to instil a restorative spring in your step. Have you been suffering from new aches and pains recently? This could most possibly be attributed to your home working solution, hunched over a laptop on a chair that wasn’t designed to be sat on for 8 hours a day.

First of all, if you can, invest in a proper desk chair - you have no idea how thankful you will be in years to come. Secondly, CBD is a very popular natural solution for pain management. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it targets the source of pain and inflammation in the muscles and soothes it. Try it today to ensure that when you emerge back into the world your friends don’t think you’ve aged 10 years with a bad back!

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If you’re also looking to freshen up your diet this spring to make you feel lighter and brighter, why don’t you try some new CBD oil recipes. CBD oil can be added to drinks, like fresh fruit juices, smoothies, and hot flavourful earthy beverages like matcha or turmeric lattes. It’s also perfect to add to soups and salad dressings - check out Reakiro’s CBD kitchen for more fresh tips!

Body Butter

Have you neglected your skin this winter? It can easily happen when you’re constantly wrapping yourself in layer after layer. However, the cold weather - combined with the dryness of being inside with the heating on and taking hot baths and showers to try and warm up - can be a very drying experience for our skin. This may have left you with dry flaky skin which needs intense attention and hydration - which is where CBD comes into play.

CBD isn’t just an incredible ingredient for our internal health, due to the high volume of cannabinoid receptors which can be found in the skin, CBD has also been found to be the perfect skincare solution. Reakiro body butter penetrates deep into the skin, meaning that it tackles the issue of dryness at the core, unlike other moisturisers which require several reapplications in a day.

CBD Body Butter

The winter months can also exacerbate skin problems like eczema, due to the low temperatures, and acne, owing to the layers which we cover our face with - in the past, hats and scarfs, but this year ‘mascne’ as arrived. This is the issue of people having their acne aggravated by wearing a mask, which can trap dirt and not allow the skin to breathe. 

One of the most irritating effects of eczema and acne is the redness and inflammation it causes in the skin. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and works to calm and soothe the skin when it is inflamed. 

Check out Reakiro’s body butter today so you can find your glow this spring.

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CBD Body Butter

Hand Cream

And if your body has been experiencing some dryness recently, your hands are probably feeling it too! Whether they have spent the past few months encased in gloves or exposed to the cold, they deserve a little nourishing and hydration to restore them this spring.

And it’s not just the cold that will have affected your hands this winter, this past year we’ve been washing our hands more than ever. While this is undoubtedly a good thing, and a safe thing to do, this can dry out our hands, especially if you have been using an abrasive soap and not moisturising regularly.

CBD Hand Cream

CBD Hand Cream

Rerakiro’s CBD hand cream has been specially formulated to restore and protect our hand skin health. Infused with a host of other natural and complementing ingredients such as shea butter, beeswax, and natural apricot seed oil, Reakiro’s hand cream absorbs quickly and thoroughly ensuring there is no greasy feel, just soft, smooth, and radiant skin.

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We hope these products can help you restore back to your bright and bountiful self this spring. It’s been a tough year, so don’t be too hard on yourself if things aren’t exactly as you would wish, but remember that there are some small things that you can do to help your body and mind. All of Reakiro’s products are made with premium grown and extracted ingredients, using the latest expert industry knowledge.

Take the time over the next few weeks to appreciate the marvel of nature in the little things, the days getting gradually longer, the leaves returning to the trees, and the smell of spring. Just remember that if nature can restore and recover, year after year, no matter what life throws at it - so can you. And if you need a little boost that is perfectly understandable, just let Mother Nature be the one who gives you a helping hand with restorative CBD.