Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness month, a worldwide annual campaign to highlight the importance of breast awareness, education, and research. Looking after your body and breasts is extremely important as this disease is sadly far too common. Breast cancer is not limited to women, but it is far rarer to find this cancer in men. We want to share a few notes on health and wellness tips to help you take all the steps possible to living well and preventing breast cancer.

Eat Well

A good diet is one of the key components to living a good life. Quite often people won’t realise that the reason they’re feeling down or lacking energy is due to their diet, and once they start eating the right things, it's like a new lease of life. Reducing your sugar intake is important for a variety of reasons, there are the obvious ways that sugar can harm your body - the ways you can see - but internally damage is also taking place. Sugar increases the production of insulin, oestrogen and inflammation which will feed cancerous cells. Eating a range of food groups and colours will nourish your body, promoting healthy digestion, healthy bacteria, and hormones to fight off diseased cells. Ensure you have a spread of proteins, leafy greens, pulses, and probiotics such as kimchi and kefir.

Move Well

Getting into the habit of exercising daily will build up strength and resilience in your body. Studies have found that women who exercise have 30-40% lower risk of breast cancer compared to their counterparts. Exercise can also combat cancer by controlling your weight and the fat cells in your body, reducing insulin, and strengthening the immune system. Regular exercise will also support a better quality of life, leaving you feeling well rested with more energy and enjoying a good night’s sleep.

Rest Well

Speaking of resting, this deserves a point of its own. Our mental and physical health are intricately intertwined and bettering one is guaranteed to improve the other. Taking the time to connect with yourself and become aware of your mind and body will improve both your physical and emotional state. Furthermore, by setting aside time to manage your stress each day, you will eliminate the many negative effects that stress can have on the body, such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

Supplement Well

It’s no secret that wellness can be greatly enhanced with the addition of supplements. As an all natural supplement, CBD has been said to aid the prevention and recovery process for breast cancer. CBD has anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor qualities, meanwhile studies are being reported to show that the compound can induce cell death in breast cancer cells.

So this October, take some time to look after yourself and review where you’re at and how you’re living. It’s never too late to mix things up if you feel like you are in a stale routine. Ensure you are eating well with a healthy and varied diet, moving well via regular exercise, and resting well by connecting with yourself and getting quality sleep. Aside from taking these steps, check your breasts regularly for any abnormalities and consult a doctor with any concerns. Breast cancer awareness month is a worldwide campaign with many initiatives and fundraisers taking place to help beat breast cancer.

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