Spend Nutrition Month with CBD

Spend Nutrition Month with CBD

Spend Nutrition Month with CBD

From the 1st of March, we are celebrating Nutrition Month.

This month is all about considering the factors that make up your diet and nutritional intake, and thinking about what could be done to improve things. Nutrition Month is originally an annual campaign which was created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

To celebrate, we wanted to highlight how CBD can be nutrition’s best friend.

Of course, having a good diet is one of the key factors when it comes to looking after your body’s nutrition - but this isn’t the only thing you need to keep in mind. Here are a few of our top nutritional CBD tips:

1. Get a balanced diet and include all different food groups

To provide your body with all the required vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fats you will need to eat a wide variety of foods from across the different food groups. Take this month to branch out and experiment with new foods and flavours.

Incorporating CBD into your meals is a great way to try new recipes while benefiting from the therapeutic effects of CBD.

2. Hydrate regularly with water, not sugary drinks

Often when we think we are hungry, it is actually our body telling us that we are thirsty. If we don’t recognise this it can lead to unnecessary snacking. Also, drinking soft drinks is one of the easiest ways to consume sugar calories without even realising.

If you’re looking for a caffeine alternative to your usual coffee order, how about trying a matcha or turmeric latte - infused with a few drops of CBD. This way you can get a natural uplifting boost while maintaining homeostasis (balance) in the body.

3. Take the time to plan and prep your meals

When we’re living life on-the-go often thinking about prepping meals can seem like a chore, and we would prefer to just grab something on our lunch break or on the way back at the end of the day. But planning meals from home means you will get to enjoy far more nutritious meals, and not to mention much cheaper!

4. Get plenty of sleep

Poor or insufficient sleep will quickly take its toll on the body. You will feel tired and lethargic due to an imbalance in energy and hormones which will consequently reduce your mental and physical performance. Poor sleep has been linked to weight gain and obesity, one study saw a 55% risk in obesity for adults with insufficient sleep. [1]

Did you know that CBD has been found to improve sleep quality? Taking a few drops before bed could help relax the body, relieve stress and pain, and promote a better night’s sleep.

5. Don’t let work stress takeover and look after your social life

It can be easy to become consumed with work, only thinking of upcoming projects and deadlines. However, your social life is incredibly important for both your mental and physical health. Studies show that those with close friends and family are likely to live longer.[2]

Taking a moment to breath, relax, and put things into perspective can be easier said than done. But taking one step at a time, it is important to recognise what is causing stress and how you can deal with it. Reports have shown that CBD can help alleviate stress and workplace anxieties.[3]

6. Look after your body post workout

Resting and recovering after a workout is crucial to building your body’s strength. Hydrate properly, eat well, rest well, and be careful not to overlook any potential injuries

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, meaning it has natural healing properties. This can be an extremely useful post workout aid, as it soothes sore muscles, shortening recovery time.

This March is a good place to start your new nutritional chapter by reviewing your current habits and asking if anything could be done to improve. Hopefully by the end of the month nutrition will be a year round priority, and you’ll be boosting your overall therapeutic wellness with a helping hand from CBD.

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