CBD For Dad This Father’s Day

CBD For Dad This Father’s Day

CBD For Dad This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is upon us and it is time to say thank you and give a little back to your fantastic dad. This may bring about the annual struggle of wanting to buy the perfect gift but just not knowing what to get, and by this point you have probably exhausted the ‘gifts for dad’ section on Amazon. There’s a limit to how many ‘no.1 Dad’ mugs you can gift in one lifetime.

Luckily at Reakiro we have you covered! Obviously he already has the greatest gift (you), but in at a close second is a CBD-based gift - the gift that keeps on giving. CBD (cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring compound found in the hemp plant with an abundance of positive effects for the human body, meanwhile it is completely safe and has no psychoactive effects.

Read on to find out just why CBD is the only gift for this Father’s Day.


Whilst bringing you up may have been the best job in the world, it wasn’t without its challenges, so now is your chance to give dad the best anti-stressant around. CBD is 100% natural and helps the user to completely relax and let go of all the anxieties that might be playing on their mind. In today’s non-stop culture everyone is constantly on the go, so there isn’t really a gift as valuable as a good night’s sleep.

Muscle Recovery

Not only is CBD an excellent anti-stressant, it is also an anti-inflammatory. After exercise, or just general life wear-and-tear, the body can feel sore due to a very small amount of damage that has been done to the body’s tissues and muscles. If this inflammation goes untreated this can lead to more serious muscle damage. We should all practise prevent not cure, so nip that tennis elbow in the bud with CBD.

Improved Skin

To help your old man look his very best at all times, let him on the secret of CBD skincare. Our skin is constantly exposed to harsh environments: wind, rain or shine. This can lead to dryness, UV exposure and damage. CBD based and infused products are being found to replenish and revitalise skin in an organic and chemical free manner - so help dad lead his best and most beautiful life.

Improved Mood

Who wouldn’t be smiling with all these improvements? But improved mood is not only a secondary effect of CBD, research is currently being carried out to show that CBD is a mood booster. This is due to an enhancement of serotonin (the chemical responsible for happiness) which supports the suggestion that users of CBD have lower chances suffering from clinical depression.

CBD is becoming one of the fastest growing trends, and whilst this is not reason alone, no one likes missing out or falling behind on what’s hot. CBD is a unique and original gift that really shows you care about your dad. This all natural gift can improve daily life in numerous ways and that is priceless.

CBD products come in many forms, all of which are easy to use.

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