CBD Soft Gel Capsules

CBD Soft Gel Capsules

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CBD Soft Gel Capsules

CBD Gel Capsules offer you on-the-go versatility you need

Over the past few years, CBD (cannabidiol) has exploded. It’s everywhere and everyone is talking about the natural therapeutic benefits and potential health benefits. And it’s for good reason, the amount of research that has been poured into how CBD works and how it interacts with the human body has been thorough and truly promising. This natural supplement is derived from the hemp plant, which makes it a very attractive alternative to pharmaceuticals - especially for people who want to incorporate it into their daily routine. It’s important to note that CBD has no psychoactive effects.

CBD doesn’t come in just one form. Far from it, the products you can find which include CBD are present in almost every form you could think of: oils, gummies, soft beverages, cookies, organic clothing and even skincare products. One of the most convenient ways of getting your allotted amount of CBD is taking CBD Soft Gel Capsules.

CBD Soft Gel Capsules use the very same premium quality CBD oil that Reakiro uses in its CBD oil tinctures. The oil is sourced from carefully cultivated plants, grown from hand-picked strains of cannabis Sativa (hemp) and then expertly extracted using the latest innovative technology. This oil contains further natural enhancing elements which are naturally occurring in the hemp plant, such as terpenes, flavonoids, and essential fatty acids.

Let’s take a deeper dive into how CBD soft gel capsules are made, their effects, and why they are one of the most popular CBD products.

In this guide, we will cover the following themes:

  • What are CBD soft gel capsules?
  • How do CBD soft gel capsules work?
  • Are there different types of CBD capsules?
  • What are the most common uses for CBD capsules?
  • What is the best way to take CBD?
  • Why chose CBD soft gel capsules?
  • Where can you buy high-quality CBD capsules?

What are CBD soft gel capsules?

CBD soft gel capsules are small and pill-sized and infused with an exact amount of premeasured Reakiro premium CBD oil. The premeasured aspect of soft gel capsules makes them an incredibly popular and convenient form of CBD as this makes it simple and straightforward for people to measure their intake and dosage. Reakiro soft gel CBD capsules are varied in dosage, the range includes 10mg, 15mg, 25mg and 50mg CBD per capsule.

How do CBD soft gel capsules work?

Gel capsules are taken orally, they then travel down the digestive system where the CBD oil is absorbed into the body. Within each and every one of us there is a system of receptors, consisting of CB1 and CB2 receptors, which make up something called the endocannabinoid system. CBD interacts and binds with these cannabinoid receptors to maintain the body’s balance. This means that it can affect and control many processes and bodily functions. The receptors are present in the central nervous system as well as the immune system, meaning the things which could potentially be affected include sleep quality, appetite, mood, and how we experience pain. Imbalance in the body can potentially lead to feelings of stress, aches and pains - among others. CBD soft gel capsules work to maintain and promote homeostasis (balance in the body). 

Are there different types of CBD capsules?

Reakiro formulates four different types of CBD capsule. There is only one type of CBD soft gel capsule (but as mentioned previously, there is a range of four different doses within this product). Unfortunately, CBD soft gel capsules are not vegan-friendly (due to the soft gel casing) but Reakiro has created vegan specific CBD capsules with added piperine. There are two additional types of hard CBD capsules, one specific to immune support and the other with added Omega 3.

What are the most common uses for CBD soft gel capsules?

Because the reach and effects of CBD and CBD soft gel capsules can go so far, sometimes people have questions about what exactly they can do or help with.

Pain relief

CBD has natural anti-inflammatory properties as well as analgesic properties, making it an attractive natural alternative for pain relief. Especially for those who want to avoid the possibility of gastronomic issues as a consequence of taking over the counter pain relief. Studies have shown that CBD can be used effectively to aid pain in the form of arthritis, muscle pain, and general inflammation. (1)

Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety affect all of us, but unfortunately for some, the way that they experience stress and anxiety can be overwhelming to the point that it controls the way that they live their life. When this is the case it is important to find a treatment, whether that be spoken therapy or medication. For those who remain unsure if they want to try taking anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication, sometimes people turn to CBD as a natural alternative. The medications used for treating anxiety and depression are called SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) which regulate - and when necessary increase - the levels of serotonin (the happy chemical) in the brain. Research has found that CBD can work in a similar manner to SSRIs. (2)

Sleep quality

Every night when you lie down in bed you hope for a good night’s sleep. Without the right amount of high-quality sleep, the next day you can feel incredibly foggy, making you irritable and underperforming compared to your normal self. If you think about repetitive nights of bad sleep, it's easy to understand how people learn to function on less sleep - but not excelling compared to how they would with good sleep. The aim is to thrive, not just survive.

One of the primary causes of sleep deprivation or restless sleep is stress which seeps through your subconscious and keeps you up at night. The chemical which is connected to stress is cortisol, the cannabinoids in CBD soft gel capsules bind to receptors in the endocannabinoid system to promote homeostasis (balance in the body) and lower cortisol levels. (3)

Daily boost

Many people don’t take CBD soft gel capsules to alleviate a specific condition, but rather to get a daily boost into their system, promoting normal functioning, homeostasis and immunity. Now, more than ever, people are conscious of their health and are keen to take whatever steps they can to protect their body and make their immune system strong and healthy. Incorporating a supplement such as CBD soft gel capsules into your daily routine is quick, convenient and above all-natural.

What is the best way to take CBD?

CBD is available in so many different forms because people have different needs and different preferences. For example, for those who would like to measure their own precise dose and ensure faster results, CBD tinctures may be preferred thanks to their sublingual application. Placing CBD oil under the tongue and allowing it to be absorbed in this way can be a quicker way into the bloodstream. Meanwhile, for those looking for a slower release and long-lasting effects from their CBD, considering CBD soft gel capsules would be a good option. And CBD is not used exclusively for internal issues, for conditions such as inflammation and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, CBD topicals (creams and balms) have been designed.

Why chose CBD soft gel capsules?

Many people prefer to take CBD soft gel capsules over other forms of CBD thanks to their premeasured dosages, which can make it far simpler to calculate your CBD intake. Additionally, they are incredibly convenient to take on the go. They travel easily and can be discreetly taken with morning vitamins or whenever suits you best in the day.

Where can you buy high-quality CBD soft gel capsules?

Not all CBD manufacturers produce CBD soft gel capsules, but you can find a fair selection from different suppliers both online and in-store. Buying in-store can be great as you can see the product in person prior to purchasing, yet buying online offers you the convenience of having CBD delivered straight to your doorstep.

When you have found a product that you feel is right for you, be sure to check the quality and legitimacy of the company in question. On all trustworthy CBD websites, you will be able to find the certification for official independent third party laboratory testing, showing the quality, consistency and purity of the products.

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