High-quality and organic clothing

High-quality and organic clothing

High-quality and organic clothing

Hemp has been around for thousands of years and one of its more common uses that is coming back is hemp made clothing.

Hemp production has been on the rise in recent decades due to the rediscovery of the uses of this amazing plant. Hemp is used for cooking as oil and as a dietary supplement, it is used for medicinal purposes, it is used to make fuel, and it is also widely used to create some of the finest fiber and subsequently cloth. Curious about other beneficial uses of hemp? Check out our article on 'What are the best CBD capsules?' for additional insights.

Clothing made of hemp has been around for a long, long time. Once the cannabis plant had been introduced in the Western hemisphere, it simply thrived.

Cheap, undemanding, and high yield cultivation provides extremely durable fiber which is simply a gift to both farmers and consumers. In addition, hemp is an environment friendly plant. It does not require anything else besides fertilizer. No crop protection, no pesticides, as well as no soil exhaustion. And the cool part is that basically every element grown will find its use – whether its stems, flower, seeds. No wonder hemp acreage increases every year.

Hemp is similar to linen but it is much more than that. It is suitable for any weather and is very absorbent, while beating cotton in terms of strength. And the modern technologies available to us today make hemp a wonder plant.

People pick hemp clothing for its style, being eco-friendly, and its rough look that is soft to touch. It cools you when you are hot, and warms you when you are cold. And it also absorbs 95% of UV rays, which are harmful for your skin.

The fabric obtained from hemp is very durable and retains all the valuable properties of natural material during processing. This cloth remains biologically active, and is gentle on the skin protecting it from the harmful effects of the environment — heavy metal salts, adverse combinations of temperature and humidity, and so on.

And as we mentioned before, the main advantage of hemp cloth is that unlike other plants hemp is grown without pesticides and other chemicals typically used for other crops.

So what can you get for your wardrobe that is made of hemp? Well, practically anything. From simple T-shirts, pants, skirts and hats to amazingly stylish, durable and lightweight boots, tennis shoes to warm and cozy parkas.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t take our word for it. Go out there and get your first piece of clothing made of hemp today and you’ll be back for more before you know it.


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