Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Searching for the perfect gift?

Every year we promise ourselves that we won’t leave things to the last minute, but again and again, time creeps up on us and we find ourselves panic buying a ridiculous sock set that will go untouched - and quite potentially re-gifted ☺️.

But this year is different, this year you are a master of organisation, and not only are you going to have your Christmas gifts sorted in good time, thanks to our 2023 gift guide, but you are also going to find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Gift Guide

We’ve compiled the ultimate 2023 gift guide, appropriate for one of the most unique years of all our lives. There’s something for everyone on our list, so if you can’t see the whole gang this year, hopefully, one of these gifts will let them know you’re thinking of them.

Knitting kit

Didn’t you hear? Knitting is cool again! Yes, this is no longer a hobby reserved for your grandmother, everyone is having a go at it. Not only is this a calming and relaxing hobby that helps your brain switch off and recharge, but you also get to enjoy the benefits of your skill. With these cool knitting kits, you can make your own blankets, make your own scarves, and make your own sweaters.

Brew your own beer

Know someone who’s missing the pubs and bars? Well with a brew your own beer kit, they can bring the whole experience home with them. With the Brewdog Punk IPA Beer Making Kit, you can learn all about the brewing process and at the end of it you will be rewarded with eight refreshing pints!


One of the big takeaways from this rollercoaster of a year is that the power of nature can never be undervalued. When we’re feeling stuck, either mentally or physically, being out surrounded by nature has unparalleled power. So how can you get this same feeling at home? If you know someone with a garden encourage the time that they spend there with this seed set to cultivate their own homegrown veggies.

If you’re looking to give a touch of nature at home but there is no garden, show someone you care with a house plant - they’re the new and improved bunch of roses! But not only do house plants last forever with the right care, they are also proved to boost mood and improve air quality.


And speaking of nature’s redeeming qualities, here’s a gift that can help relax, reset, and rejuvenate from the inside, naturally. Choose from an array of hemp-based products (oils, capsules, massage oil, CBD skincare) to help a loved one discover the redemptive qualities of one of Mother Nature’s finest plants.

Fancy olive oil

You might be thinking this is a weird one. Wouldn’t opening a bottle of oil on Christmas be … well frankly underwhelming? But here’s the thing, everyone who has a kitchen uses olive oil, and everyone knows that fancy olive oil can drastically improve a meal, but no one actually wants to spend money on it for themselves. So this is where you can come in with the perfect gift for quite literally anyone (not a child), and the best bit, you know it’s going to be used up! Particularly in a time when home-cooking has become everyone’s hobby out of sheer necessity.


Working from home was all fun and games until you realised that sitting at the kitchen table, or hunching on your sofa, would quite literally make you feel like your back was going to fall off. And even if you’re one of the lucky few to have a proper desk chair, it’s likely that the stress of the past year is likely to have put your back in knots. And while massage parlours may remain closed, you can remedy this yourself at home with this DIY hand-held massage tool.

We may only be at the start of December, but it’s never too early to get cracking on your Christmas gift buying, especially when you factor in time for delivery in this hectic postage season. This year get a gift that says I care and here’s a little way to brighten up and relax in a crazy year!

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