How to Make More of Your Morning - and Your Entire Day

How to Make More of Your Morning - and Your Entire Day!

How to Make More of Your Morning - and Your Entire Day!

The sound of our alarm clock is generally one of our least favourite sounds. Sleep is over, and the day has begun. All of a sudden you’re hit with your responsibilities and tasks for the day. It can seem overwhelming and you just want to close your eyes and slip back to sleep.

But here’s a secret, did you know that it doesn’t have to be like this! That’s right, by developing the correct morning routine you can start the day with calm and clarity, which will make tackling the rest of it a much more manageable task.

Sometimes we hear about people who can only be described as superhumans (or liars) who claim that they get up at 4.30am everyday. They then go on to say things like they “ran a marathon before breakfast” or “got a full day’s work done by 9.30am”. But this isn’t realistic for most of us, and this isn't a problem. All we recommend is an extra 20 minutes in the morning.

Taking an extra 20 minutes in the morning and making a few small changes to your routine can reshape your day. Having this extra time in the morning will allow you to settle into your day, meaning you’re not rushing around. Waking up earlier can improve your sleep cycle which boosts productivity and concentration, not to mention the world has a certain calm to it before everyone has risen.

It has been found that one of the first things people do in the morning is reach for our phones. Research found that 80% of smartphone users actually checked their device within 15 minutes of waking. This is a sure way to plumet you abruptly into the fast-paced rush of the day. But is it necessary? No! You don’t need to be ‘at the office’ as soon as you open your eyes, that will still be there at 9am, unchanged. Scrolling social media first things is also incredibly unhealthy for our minds. It makes us think we’re waking up, but in fact we’re being passive whilst wasting time.

Tomorrow when you wake up, resist reaching for your phone first thing. Instead of diving head first into the technological world as soon as you have silenced your alarm, take some time for yourself and appreciate the silence. Meditation is the best and most effective way to disconnect from all your distractions and reconnect with yourself. Meditating for 5-10 minutes could radically change you and your energy for the day.

If you aren’t a meditator, simply set this time aside to sit quietly for some reflection and contemplation. Perhaps list five things you’re grateful for.

You’re probably going to want to reach for your morning coffee very soon and you’re not the only one. People love caffeine. At Reakiro we’re huge advocated for all the therapeutic and wellness benefits CBD has brought to our lives, so much so that we feel it is only right to start our day with it. Adding a couple of drops of CBD oil to your coffee could boost your mood, alert your body, and kick start your day. If you want something a little different or a little fresher, how about trying out one of our CBD smoothies.

Everyone’s body is different, everybody’s perfect morning routine should be different. Be kind to your body and listen to what it wants. Depending on the day your body might be craving something else, you might want to incorporate stretching if you’re feeling tense, or eating a bigger breakfast if you’re having trouble making it through to lunch. Engage in a meaningful morning routine, take time to appreciate the peace and calm before the day begins, and honour this reflection by incorporating a few drops of CBD oil into your morning.


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