CBD and Sport

CBD and Sport

CBD and Sport

Exercise is associated with all kinds of positive feelings, runner’s high, endorphin rush, and accomplishment - just to name a few. But sometimes there are a few not-so-pleasant side effects that come after exerting your body and physical strength. And in order to keep the body healthy and continue with our exercise routines, addressing the problems with CBD (cannabidiol)  is a natural and therapeutic avenue to go down.

But first let’s look at what actually makes a ‘runner’s high’ and why exercise can feel so good, not just physically, but also mentally. This state of post-exercise bliss is in part due to a release of endorphins, but it is also attributed to an elevated level of anandamide. Anandamide is a neurotransmitter which functions somewhat like a ‘bliss chemical’. This is a natural energiser and is also responsible for pain-relief and relaxation. Studies have found that CBD naturally increases anandamide expression throughout the body.[1]

When we exert our bodies during sport and exercise, muscles can rub together and sometimes tear. This tearing and swelling will leave your body sore and aching; following this your body will need to go through a recovery period, and depending on what you do the length can vary greatly. One of the key issues in muscle recovery is inflammation, which can impede healing. Using a natural anti-inflammatory, such as CBD,[2] will calm and soothe the tissues - allowing for a faster and more effective recovery.

Further benefits of the use of CBD in sport include appetite stimulation and reduced chance of muscle spasms. Appetite stimulation is particularly important for athletes who wish to increase their body mass, which involves consuming a large amount of calories while exercising intensely. Using CBD to stimulate your appetite will make this feasible in a healthy manner. Additionally, over-exercising, or exercising without correctly warming up, can lead to strained muscles which can be damaging and trigger muscle spasms. A 2008 study found that CBD was effective in treating muscle spasms.[3]

Taking CBD as part of your workout and exercise plan can be incorporated in multiple ways. CBD oils are ingested sublingually into endocannabinoid receptors in the bloodstream, so for addressing internal issues like appetite stimulation this product would be more appropriate. Meanwhile, CBD topicals (such as creams, gels, and balms) are becoming increasingly popular for muscle relief. This effective relief is due to the number of endocannabinoid receptors which are present in the skin.

Legally, CBD products are required to contain a THC level of less than 0.2%. THC is the cannabinoid which is abundant in marijuana, and provides the psychoactive effect - consequently no ‘high’ will be felt when using CBD products. Despite the requirement for THC levels being almost untraceable, some athletes feel more comfortable using a THC-free product (often due to performance-enhancing drug testing). Reakiro listened to the sporting community and their wishes, and now are happy to announce the brand new Smart Restart zero THC range. In these products you will benefit from our premium quality CBD extract, formulated to enhance exercise recovery, completely free from THC.


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