CBD Gifts to Give this Valentine's Day

CBD Gifts to Give this Valentine's Day

CBD Gifts to Give this Valentine's Day

CBD Valentine’s gift for everyone

The 14th of February is a time of year to celebrate with your loved one, a chance to put on a show and tell them just how much you appreciate and love them.

With the big day just around the corner, there’s still time to find an extra special gift for your loved one. And if you’ve got here a little late, there’s even more reason for you to make this the perfect gift. No matter who you’re giving a gift to this Valentine’s day, we have the perfect collection of CBD products that offer something special to everyone.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural compound extracted from hemp, this compound is celebrated for its therapeutic benefits.

There's no more meaningful approach to expressing 'I care' than sending a special delivery of the finest element from Mother Nature. So without further ado, here is Reakiro’s definitive CBD Valentine’s gift guide for you to find all things restful and restorative.


reakiro cbd oil gift

No matter who you are gifting this Valentine’s day, we can assure you that they will have a good use or need for CBD oil. And of course, this isn’t any CBD oil, this is premium quality - expertly grown and extracted - CBD from Reakiro. From helping to relax and promote better sleep quality to relieving pain, the many benefits of CBD is a long list that can help everyone.

Research has found that CBD works in a similar way to anti-anxiety medication. [1] Obviously getting your loved one anti-anxiety meds isn’t the most romantic gesture in the world, but unlike pharmaceuticals, CBD oil is a completely natural supplement that will work without adverse side effects to enhance your state of relaxation - and who doesn’t want to relax and chill out?

A comprehensive analysis of the existing literature on CBD and its impact on anxiety, featured in the journal Neurotherapeutics, suggests that CBD holds the potential to alleviate various forms of anxiety. [2]


CBD Capsules

reakiro cbd capsules gift

To show your loved one that you care about their wellbeing, even when they might seem like they don’t have to, CBD capsules are the perfect gift. CBD capsules make incorporating the therapeutic benefits of CBD into your routine quick and easy - they’re also the perfect travel companion for jetsetters trying to catch up with a new place and a new time zone.



CBD Oil Sprays

reakiro cbd spray gift

Spritz your way into relaxation and harmony! Reakiro’s CBD oil sprays make taking CBD fun, easy, and flavourful. Pick from our selection of flavours: apple crumble and custard, blood orange, or peppermint. Or if you’re not sure which one your partner will enjoy most - how about spoiling them and getting a selection of all three.

This refreshing CBD spray Blood Orange will transport you to the Italian countryside, close your eyes and you’re in a blossoming orangery. CBD spray is the perfect way of getting a quick dose of premium CBD oil - perfect for a small lift up when the middle of the day lacks the energy it needs - but it is also bursting with flavour.


CBD Muscle Relief

smart restart warming gel gift

Do you want to give a gift to a keen athlete? Perhaps they’ve had to adapt their work out routine over the past year. But maybe this means sore muscles from running around in the cold. You’ll be excited to learn that CBD is the perfect sports companion and the Reakiro Sport range (which is THC free) is an innovative recovery solution. Give your favourite athlete Reakiro muscle relief gel this February.



cbd Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed

Start the day right by bringing breakfast in bed to your better half. Head over to Reakiro CBD Kitchen to check out our latest recipes which combine healthy cooking with all natural ingredients and our premium CBD oil.



A CBD Massage

For many, touch is one of the purest and most affectionate love language. Take things up a notch this year by giving your loved one an intimate massage with one of our specially formulated CBD massage oils. CBD receptors are heavily present in the skin, meaning that topical products are extremely effective. Not only will this massage relieve stress from the body, but also work to soothe muscles thanks to anti-inflammatory properties. What better way to show your partner you care than fixing their body?

CBD Gummies

reakiro cbd gummies

This Valentine's Day, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more fitting activity than sharing the delight of Reakiro CBD Gummies. Available in both vegan and non-vegan options, these gummies boast an enticing chewy texture reminiscent of candies, and they've gained remarkable traction within the CBD community. With invigorating flavors like orange, cherry or lemon and green apple, Reakiro's gummies present one of the most delightful and enticing methods to seamlessly incorporate your daily CBD intake.

All of our products are carefully and expertly sourced, from seed to shelf, promising to supply you with only the highest quality. Reakiro CBD extract is full spectrum, keeping all the natural compounds together to work synergistically and enhance the overall beneficial effects.

We hope you’ve found the perfect gift for your loved one this Valentine’s day, whether you’re spending the day together or apart. And if you’re single this Valentine’s day, take the day to treat yourself! But hurry and get shopping quickly, you don’t want to keep anyone waiting for their gift.

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